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Mr. Sandeep Marwah


AAFT is introducing Radio Raipur as the First Digital Radio in this region, aimed at providing relevant information and entertainment to the audience. It is a powerful medium committed to provide exposure to the local community and firmly connecting them to the rest of the country and world. This is in interest to elevate the quality of lifestyle of people there, thereby, improving their socio-economic conditions and ultimately leading to their progress.

We believe that Everyone is capable to foster insightful and creative ideas, all that is required is an opportunity to exhibit it. An idea when shared can cast long-lasting robust effect on the minds of people. Our vision behind Radio Raipur is to provide a platform to the local people to put forth their ideas and voice opinion on various issues concerning them.

Being a digital radio, it also caters to the needs and taste of listeners across the globe, boosting cultural exchange. This initiative also strengthens practical exposure for the University students by facilitating them a high-end infrastructure to reach out to the global audience.

Mr. Akshay Marwah


We are glad to harness the immense power of radio for the service of the society. The world, today, is adapting digitalization at a rapid pace. Recognizing this and the fact that radio is one of the most promising tools of cultural exchange and social development, we have initiated this Digital Radio. It is structured to broadcast programs relevant to the educational, developmental, cultural and social needs of all- women, children, youth and senior citizens, in the most relevant and interesting manner.

Audience plays a pivotal role for us as it is for them we are facilitating this service, hence, we are determined to run engaging programs based on the feedback from the listeners to ensure the sustainability of the broadcasting service. We look forward to proliferate infotainment to the local and global community through our lucrative and brainstormed programs.

Mr. Sushil Bharti


Radio Raipur has been established with the goal to connect people from all sections of the society to the mainstream contemporary world through music and love. We are committed to strengthen the overall well-being (social, educational, mental and physical) of the people with the variety of programs we broadcast.

Our dream is to build a community which is characterized by social and economic prosperity. Our programs are structured with the aim to educate, inform, impart awareness and disseminate harmony among the community. Radio Raipur welcomes you to share your life experiences, new ideas and opinions with us. We work to rebuild the trust with good content, language and representation of issues which are relevant to the community.

Radio covers 99% population and 94% of total landmass of India and is the very reason why we have used Radio as a medium. Our Digital Radio is dedicated to put honest efforts to entertain and educate people, reaching out to a global population. We are determined to persistently work to bridge the gap among the various sections our society.

About Radio Raipur

Radio has, since ages, been a powerful medium of communication, and remains to be so even in this modern-age. The advancements in technology has had its impact on Radio too, and has made it easier and convenient to reach out to a larger audience, eliminating the geographical barriers through ‘Digital Radio’.

A Digital Radio allows anyone on the web to listen to the broadcasted programs from their location, even if it is miles apart! Therefore, it is emerging as a robust tool for connecting the global community, and escalating cultural exchange among the countries.




Radio Raipur